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H Paper is an original design home furnishing emerging rise brand in recent years.
Due to the opportunity of renting a house and moving, the founders and couples found out that the traditional furniture was bulky and inconvenient for moving.
So they designed and made sets of portable, fashionable and eco-friendly furniture.
At first, they started with traditional cardboard furniture, and accidentally discovered the plasticity of the raw materials, so tried to use special long-fiber kraft paper.
By bonding into a honeycomb structure, an unimaginable load-bearing capacity and stretch ratio are obtained.
The first generation of accordion-style paper furniture was finally born.
Participated in the "Beijing Youth Creative Week" in 2008 and won the only double award.
However, starting a business is not easy. Due to limitations in experience, capital, and ability, the first venture ended in failure.
After that, they come to south of Shenzhen and regained their dream again in 2013.
The couple, started their second business in the top loft of the industrial zone, and they were courageous and worked hard.
Years of hardship finally ushered in opportunities in 2014, continuously won awards, cross-industry cooperation, and media reports.

Brand Name

Starts from founder's Wife's surname, decomposing the “李" into "十八子", called “IH PAPER"

Design Concept

Use special kraft paper as material to create foldable accordion-style paper furniture

Enterprise Direction

Customer first, ingenuity, excellence and innovation

Enterprise history


Cooperation with Jia Ling’s movie “Hi, Mom”, released out customized stools

Co-branded "Tencent IP" to launch Mid-Autumn Festival QQ Long Goose toy derivatives

IH Paper was appointed as Research for Creative Industries Research and Development

IH Paper was selected to join the Shenzhen Cultural Affairs Association

Introduction by Tmall, JiaQi Lee promote IH Paper’s Tissue Box in Taobao Live Room

Recommended by JD, YongHao Luo promote IH Paper’s stools in DouYin live room for making friends

As one of the initiators to prepare for the first Shenzhen Homestay Exhibition, the exhibition will be held at the same time with the Shenzhen Gifts Exhibition in October

IH Paper appeared in the Chinese Cultural Center of Dubai World Expo, showing Chinese paper art culture to the world


IH Paper folding paper stool won the silver award of "Luban Star·Creative Award" on Tmall platform

IH Paper won the Bronze Award in the 2020 Restart Future 10 Commercial Space Innovation Design Competition jointly sponsored by the China Interior Decoration Association, the Central Academy of Fine A

As a characteristic product of Shenzhen, IH Paper is honored to be selected as the "Shenzhen Hand Gift"

Join with the "Forbidden City" to develop products such as palace lamps and palace stools, which will be unveiled at the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City

Co-branded "Xinhua Bookstore" to launch a series of cultural products

Successfully entered Xiaomi's Youpin online mall and cooperated with Yanxuan. Cross-border cooperation with woodware brand "Chuxin" and children's brand "Paitrain" to develop brand co-branded product

Become a strategic partner of the Suzhou Charity Fund and support social welfare activities

Cooperate with Peng Yuyan's "Emergency Rescue" to launch a limited relative paper stools

Cooperate with Angelababy and Li Hongqi in "Do you still love me tomorrow" to launch limited Christmas mobile phone holders

IH Paper was Invited to participate in the main forum of "2020 Beijing International Design Week" and Published speech at the National Centre for the Performing Arts as a representative guest

Appeared in the "WAVELENGTH: Between Boundaries" art exhibition at Beijing Times Art Museum, and joined the live broadcast room on the JD platform


German IF Design Award

Innovative Spirit Award" in the "People's Cultural Innovation National Product Innovation Competition" in Beijing

2019 China Design Industry Enterprise Contribution Award" by Shanghai International Design Week

Creative Award" in the 2019 Shenzhen Cultural Home Creative Design Competition

Collaboration with Xu Zheng's "Lost in Russia" and Bai Baihe "Dear, Happy New Year" to launch limited-edition derivatives for Lunar New Year

After selection, IH Paper was invited to attend CCTV Science and Education Channel "Fashion Science and Technology Show

China Daily News, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao News, Southern Metropolis Daily News and other well-known medias conducted exclusive interviews and reports on the IH Paper brand

IH Paper closely interacted with many film and TV starts on the whole year show of Shandong TV's "Huayang Opera Living Room"

Folding accordion beds are popular in Japan, landing on many well-known TV stations in Japan

Folding paper bed, Christmas tree, Accordion lamp, and Folding paper stool launched on short video platforms such as DouYin and other platforms exceeded 100 million views in a few months

IH Paper was Invited to participate in the Hong Kong Art Exhibition and Song Chao Folk Art Renaissance Forum hosted by the Forbidden City and Phoenix TV

Collaboration with McDonald's to conduct a tour exhibition of "Lighting up Dreams" theme parties in 19 cities in China


Being a representative of Chinese artisans, the founder was invited to give a speech in Tokyo at the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Japan.

Participated in the Paris Fashion Home Design Exhibition

The International Art Foundation authorizes Van Gogh's work "Sunflower" and "Starry Sky" to jointly develop an art painting stool

Awarded HongKong Global Source “Cool Designed Award”


Awarded the “Gold Award” of Shanghai Creative Industry Expo Awarded the Germany IF Design Award

The Chinese painting art paper stool was accompanied by the National Treasure Panda to the Berlin Zoo in Germany.

The paper furniture exhibition was held at the German National Museum for half a year.


Awarded the Germany IF Design Award and acquired two PCT international patents

Art paper stool was collected by the National Museum of China.

Being co-brand of Porsche Annual Meeting


Awarded the Beijing 798 Maker Creative Star Works Competition "Excellent Star"

Participated in the Beijing Ullens Contemporary Art Exhibition


Invited to "Exchange Space", "Happy Camp", "Life Face to Face" and other well-known TV programs


Started the second venture


Entrepreneurial failure, moved to Shenzhen


Acquired national utility model patents and appearance patents


Established in Beijing

Awarded “Most Creative Award” and “Best Popularity Award” by Beijing Youth Creative Week

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